Six Star Creatine Review

Six Star Creatine x3 Review

Product: Six Star Creatine

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Overall Rating: 92 out of 100


Six Star Creatine is a product designed to help build muscle. Creatine is an amazing product, It helps you build muscle quickly and recover faster. Six Star Creatine boosts muscle performance when it really counts by helping an athlete’s body generate ATP, the primary source of energy used during high-intensity training. You’ll also experience growth in muscle size and strength. Unlike the competition, Six Star Creatine features a clinically proven 8,000 mg mega dose of Creatine.

When I first started out with my supplement use and research I was brought to this product. I did not have very much money to spend on supplements that cost $50-$100 so I started cheap. This is one of my favorite workout supplements that I hope you can use in your workout routine to save you money and still see results.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Builds Muscle Quickly
  • Tastes Great
  • Price
  • Recover Faster


  • One Flavor

When it comes to Creatine it really is a great product that I love. I found that it has helped me build muscle and recover quicker. I really do not mind the taste but I prefer to mix it up with a sports drink, it makes it just a bit better in taste. The price is the best part about Six Star Creatine in my eyes, only $15 it is hard to beat. I however wish they could create their product in more flavors, oh well, that’s why I mix it with sports drinks, I can always change the flavor I mix it with.

Target Audience

Six Star Creatine is meant for the person who is trying to gain muscle mass. Six Star Creatine will give you real results in weeks if used everyday with intense workout. This is a get ripped product that if used correctly with proper workout and diet can show real results in definition, mass, and maxes.

I wanted to get stronger so I could stand out more, in the weight room, on the field, and just in general. I was able to discover Six Star Creatine, which I am 100% glad I did. Without this supplement I do not think I would be at the point I am today. I was always pretty strong without any extra help but it just wasn’t good enough for me. I want to be the best I can. Six Star Creatine did just that for me.

If you are looking for results I recommend Six Star Creatine.


Six Star Creatine is an amazing price. You can try to find better deals but has the best deal. Other products similar to Six Star Creatine are slightly more expensive. I personally do not believe the higher the price the better the product. Six Star Creatine will get you results and for the price, I do not think you can go wrong.

This was my very first supplement I ever used and it is because I was looking for a product that could help me catch up in strength to the older guys in the gym and I wanted to get stronger for sports. I was not a guy with a whole lot of money so I thought this could help me. Oh did it help, I love Creatine and I will not workout it.


My final thought on Six Star Creatine is you can not go wrong with trying it. I have used it and I personally love it. Six Star Creatine gave me the results I wanted in a pretty quick time period.

I wanted to gain more muscle so I could stand out more and be more confident. Six Star Creatine helped me gain muscle and I was able to get back into the weight room faster because it helped me recover faster.

For only $15 I believe the price is phenomenal and even just giving it a one time try, you will realize this too. Six Star Creatine only comes in Fruit punch but it tastes pretty good, but I prefer to use a sports drink when I mix it.

At A Final Glance … Six Star Creatine

Product: Six Star Creatine
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Overall Rating: 92 out of 100

Verdict: Definitely Worth A Try

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    • Hey Great questions! You certainly can add Creatine to a fruit smoothie, I only recommend you keep it on the smaller side, or drink it fairly quickly, Creatine should be ingested within 20 minutes of mixing, just for full potential. Drinking Creatine with just water is not bad at all, there is hardly any grains at the bottom. Six Star Creatine will definitely help you burn fat and build muscle, however it will help the best if you combine it with a workout that really gets your blood pumping.


  1. Looks like a good product. I’m going to go ahead and try it. For $15 you can’t beat the price. I also believe that you shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get big weight training. Let’s go ahead and prove them all wrong with the Six Star Creatine. I wish they had chocolate which is my favorite flavor but fruit punch shouldn’t be too bad. What do you normally mix it with?

    • Hey Lee! Creatine is an amazing supplement! I do agree with your opinion on how people that do not use Creatine because of lack of knowledge, I hope I can help inform others of the amazing potential of certain supplements! The way I take my Creatine is immediately after my workout, I usually put the recommended serving (1-2 Scoops) in my shaker bottle and I like to mix it with a sports drink.


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