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What is The Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Dieting is one of the fastest growing diet plans today. The popularity to this diet comes from the unique dieting techniques.

When you patriciate in a Ketogenic Diet, the main goal is to cut out as much carbohydrates as possible and take in much more fat and protein. Your body will go through a transformation when it learns to burn the proper source of energy, your fat. When you take in too many carbs or sugars your body thinks it is a good idea to burn that as a source of energy first. Your body will feel less hunger pains and less energy spikes, which means less energy lows, if you force it to use your fat cells as energy instead of carbohydrates and sugars.

Who Is A Ketogenic Diet For

When anyone decides to start a diet, it is because they feel they are overweight or unhappy with their appearance. Dieting can help anyone looking to lose weight and feel better about themselves, a Ketogenic diet can do the same for a person and even more.

A Ketogenic diet can be used for anyone that is in need to get healthier for instance someone with diabetes. The Ketogenic diet helps you feel healthier by changing the way your body chooses the source of energy it will use to complete daily tasks. If you force your body to burn the much healthier fat cells you have built up on your body, instead of the carbs and sugars you take in, you will lose weight and have a much healthier feel to yourself.

If you are looking to lose weight while still being able to eat delicious food, Ketogenic dieting is worth a try for you. Lowing your carbohydrate intake while increasing fats and proteins can be fun and encouraging to get others to try it with you.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Still able to eat real food
  • Food can be delicious
  • Affordable
  • Gain Energy
  • Healthy


  • Must cut out Carbohydrates as much as possible
  • Possibility of getting sick (While your body is transitioning to a Ketogenic State) lasting no longer than 1 week

Can You Be Trained For A Ketogenic Diet

If and when you decide to try a Ketogenic diet, you may ask yourself, Can I get some kind of training or assistance for this diet? The answer is yes.

The easiest way to stick to a Ketogenic Diet is by owning a Ketogenic cookbook. If you are able to cook and eat only what is listed in the Ketogenic cook book, you will be able to get into the mindset of being able to do it all the time and feel great about what you are doing for yourself.

My favorite way to stick to any diet is getting another person involved. If you are able to convince anyone like your parents, your spouse, your best friend or even a co worker to participate in a Ketogenic diet with you, you will be surprised how much easier it is to stick to. When I started my first Ketogenic diet I made my parents do it with me, it is much easier to do the Ketogenic diet when there is less “junk” around the house. If you can live in the same house and all have the same goal, it can be very easy to stick to your High fat and protein diet.

Is The Ketogenic Diet Affordable

When I first heard about the Ketogenic Diet I was skeptical about the price of food I would have to buy. I always heard eating healthy cost more, which it does. Just because something may cost more, doesn’t mean it costs a whole lot more. Instead of buying a steak that was raised on eating garbage, try spending an extra dollar or two on grass fed or organic steak. You will be surprised how affordable eating healthier and sticking to the Ketogenic Diet can be.

A Ketogenic Cookbook can give you many examples of healthy and delicious foods, that are very affordable. A Ketogenic cookbook and can be purchased online and arrive at your house in days, so you can get right to your new diet, that will leave you feeling great and losing weight.

The Ketogenic Diet is an amazing way to lose weight and it is very affordable. You will be buying less junk food which can add up in price, and instead be buying healthier food that is still amazing. If you can save the money you would have spent on less healthy choices and spend it on the healthy alternatives listed in the Ketogenic Cookbook, you will be on your way to a much healthier and happier life.

What Can You Eat During A Ketogenic Diet

I have mentioned a few times that a Ketogenic diet can be delicious and it can. You will still be eating food just less carbohydrates. Some of the most tasty food can be made without the use of carbs and unhealthy sugars.

A list of food you can eat:

  • Steak (Organic or Grass Fed)
  • Chicken with added oils (Fats)
  • Deep Fried Cheese
  • Fish with added oils
  • Eggs

That is just a very short list of the foods available to you to eat during your Ketogenic Diet.

My favorite food to eat when I am on a Ketogenic diet is BACON. I love bacon and so do many people. You may be thinking even more about trying a Ketogenic diet now, knowing that the foods you can eat are among the same you eat everyday.

The main goal of Ketogenic diets is to keep the Carbohydrates down and your Fats up. The amount of carbohydrates you take in when not on a Ketogenic diet can be huge. Before starting your Ketogenic Diet look at the nutrition labels on the foods you eat everyday and find out just how many carbs you are taking in and how easy you can cut them out.

Final Thoughts On The Ketogenic Diet

When I first heard about the Ketogenic Diet, I was skeptical and thought it could cost a fortune. After discovering the facts, that I could still eat foods I wanted to eat and how easy it was to convert myself to a Ketogenic Diet, I was super eager to begin.

My final thoughts on The Ketogenic Diet are this diet is very affordable, easy to incorporate into your life, and once your body switches over to a Ketogenic way to burn fat instead of carbs, you feel great. The biggest downfall I believe to this type of diet plan is the transitioning stage, where you may find yourself with flu like symptoms due to your body being depleted of carbs and sugars and switching to your fat storages. This sickness may not even effect you or can be over very quickly.

At A Final Glance … The Ketogenic Diet

Product: The Ketogenic Diet
Best Place To Buy:

Overall Rating: 93 out of 100


Verdict: Well Worth A Try – Great Diet


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I hope you enjoyed my review on The Ketogenic Diet and feel free to leave me feedback below on how you enjoyed The Ketogenic Diet or any questions you may have.




  1. I have a friend who is a diabetic. And this sounds like something we can both do together. Me to lose weight, and him to hopefully work on reversing the diabetes. I see how it affects his daily life. I am going to bookmark your site and show it to him. This is most definitely worth a try. A win win for both of us!

    • Hey love the feedback. The Ketogenic Diet is Amazing for anyone looking to lose a few pounds, and even better for someone who is trying to reverse diabetes. If you can get your friend and you on this Ketogenic Diet, it will be great for both of you, maybe even make your friendship closer. Let me know how you like it!


  2. I’ve been eager to jump on the keto bandwagon for some time now, and your post has motivated me to finally do so.

    It’s a fact that when your body receives most of its calories from fats, it will start to utilize them as it’s primary energy source. This is indeed one of the most potent levels to get ripped and make your absolute visible.

    Also, the Ketogenic Cooking cookbook looks awesome and I’m sure that following it would make a keto diet super easy.

    • Hey Simon! The Keto Bandwagon is a pretty interesting ride. Once your body makes it through the transition to using fat as its main source of energy, you will start to feel better and lose weight at the same time. Fats have 7 calories per gram, compared to the much lower, carbs and proteins, however, they play other parts in your bodies health.

      The Ketogenic Cookbook has a lot of super easy and yummy recipes for you to try! The first week will be the hardest! Just got to keep doing it to see results, just like anything else!

      Stay focused,


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