The Fat Loss Code

The Fat Loss Code Review

Product: Fat Loss Code


Price: $197

Overall Rating: 92 out of 100 points

Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back

What Is The Fat Loss Code

The Fat Loss Code is a diet program that not only helps you understand what foods to eat and how but teaches you the secret language of you metabolism. You will even hear facts that have never been heard before. The Fat Loss Code has such a great success rate, it has been featured in Men’s Health, Fox News, Muscle & Fitness, Forbes and more.

The Fat Loss Code teaches you in 6 weeks with 1 step a week how to lose weight.

These weekly steps are:

  1. How To Set Your Metabolic Thermostat To High
  2. Burn Fat Easier By Learning The Main Problem
  3. How To Eliminate Fat and Keep It Off
  4. Stop Dieting and Learn More About Your Metabolism
  5. How To Exercise Smarter Not Harder
  6. How To Keep Body Fat Off Long Term



Pros Vs Cons


  • Effective
  • Learn Knowledge (usable forever)
  • Real People Testimonies
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonus Information
  • Useable by Men and Women


  • Slightly Expensive but only 1 payment

You can learn so much from the Fat Loss Code! You learn things you will be able to use forever! You can read what real people said about the program, you have a money back guarantee, if it doesn’t work for you, and men and women can use it. Get your partner to join you on the diet!

It is a little expensive, but it is a one time payment for knowledge you can use for the rest of your life!

Who Is This Program Intended To Help?

The Fat Loss Code is intended for anyone who just can not find a way to lose weight. If you have tried other programs and did not see results then I would recommend the Weight Loss Code to you.

The Weight Loss Code will help you understand the main reason for body fat and how to keep it off. If you are a person that is interested in weight loss or helping others lose weight, this program will teach you all you need to know to help yourself and others.

Here is a real story from a member of The Weight Loss Code:

“Ridiculous! In 6 weeks I dropped 8% body fat, 10 pounds…. And the look, ridiculous! Tapping in to what your body can do, and activating what’s already there, works SO WELL… And the results speak for themselves. I’m happy, and I’m excited about what my body is doing because I’ve activated some things that can help it maintain and get even better!”
~ Brian

What’s Included

The Fat Loss Code includes so many unique training and tools that are just phenomenal for the price.

All this is included with your purchase.

You can receive you Fat Loss Code either by mail or immediately by online download.

The Fat Loss Code doesn’t only benefit you but when you purchase, you will get in the best shape of your life, and you will also be giving to a greater mission to provide health and fitness resources for millions of children. Project Fit America is a national agency that works at the foundational level with schools and educators to create new opportunities for kids to be active, fit, and healthy. They donate 5% of all sales to Project Fit America to help provide playground equipment, sports equipment, teacher training, and health programs for underfunded K – 12 schools.


The Fat Loss Code program is a one time fee of $197. When you purchase, 5% of that will go to Project Fit America. Just the fact that you will get into the best shape of your life is worth the price, but knowing you will also be helping kids by supporting Project Fit America is a bonus.

With your purchase, you will also receive the “Continuing Education Program” that will help you for years after you have finished the Fat Loss Code. You will be a completely changed person because unlike other weight loss programs, you will be taught why you gain weight and how your body works to lose it.

I believe The Price Of The Fat Loss Code is 100% worth it. Also knowing you have a 60 day Money Back Guarantee is great, you have two options, lose weight or get your money back.

My Final Word On This Program

The Fat Loss Code is a very well put together program that can benefit those who are trying to lose weight for the first time or those who have tried and failed. The Fat Loss Code is a very easy program to use if you can stick with it, It has been broken down into weekly steps that I believe to be very beneficial.

The video training is very easy to follow and can bring results in the 6 weeks that is said. With the 60 day Money Back Guarantee, 60 days is 8 weeks, you have an additional 2 weeks to determine if you believe the program worked or not.

Overall, My opinion on The Fat Loss Code is that it is a very well put together program and has many testimonies proving it’s worth. I recommend this program.

At A Final Glance … The Fat Loss Code!

Product: Fat Loss Code


Price: $197

Overall Rating: 92 out of 100 points

Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back

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  1. Looks like a pretty cool product. I was just wondering more about who it is best suited for? Seems like lots of these are geared towards obese people. I am actually quite trim but have a tiny bit of flab I would like to shed to better define my abs. Would this be a good product for me Thanks

    • Hey Dillon! Love the questions. I would have to agree with you about how most weight loss products are geared towards obese people but not all necessarily. The Fat Loss Code is also a learning experience, it will teach you how to keep weight off and how your body and metabolism work. If you are looking to just trim a little “flab” this program could help you. Knowing how your body works is the better part of this system for someone like yourself.


  2. This really seems like a cool product. I guess it seems like something a person with a lot of fat would go towards. However, I don’t have very much fat on me. I have a little bit. But I still want to get it off and define my core and show off, ya know? lol. So is this product something I could still use?

    • Hey Caleb! Great Question. The Fat Loss Code is not only targeted at people with a lot of fat. The Fat Loss Code will teach you how to keep fat off, anyone from your situation to obesity can benefit from this. If you decide to try The Fat Loss Code, you will learn new things about your body and metabolism that you have probably never heard before. I recommend the Fat Loss Code to Anyone trying to lose weight or trying to keep it off.


  3. This seems kind of expensive for a weight loss program but I guess like you said, knowing there is a 60 day money back guarantee should put you at ease.

    I have recently been dieting to remove some weight I put on after an ACL surgery. If I plateau I will have to give this a try. I’m curious to what the facts are that have never been heard before!

    • Hey Jeremy! I know the price is slightly expensive but The Fat Loss Code is an amazing program. Not only are you paying for one diet but knowledge of how you can keep fat off for the rest of your life, this is info you can also use to help others. The 60 day money back guarantee is definitely a nice fall back.

      If you are so curious about these facts, you might just have to give The Fat Loss Code a try 🙂


  4. Is there also a monthly fee and after the 6 weeks, do you still have access to the program?

  5. Hey, this seems like a really cool fat loss destroyer – so to speak. A diet plan with such an iron guarantee is brilliant!

    It’s obvious that you know what you’re talking about, especially by how thorough your review about The Fat Loss Code is. Love the fact that they include an on-going training after the purchase – makes the price well worth it.

    What are your thoughts on combining this with a fat burner though?

    • The Fat Loss Code is just that, a code. They have it broken down for you to understand how weight loss works and how you can ramp up the pace with their training. It is great that one payment gets you a lifetime of training. Combining this with a fat burner may help, but this program helps you get your metabolism under control and most fat burners do the same thing.

      Thanks for the questions!


  6. Hi!
    After I had read about The Fat Loss Code, I had found it interesting, especially because it teach you about your metabolism, that is an importing thing when you want to lose weight because each body has different problems. Another interesting part of this program is to keep body fat off a long time, a real challenge for me.
    Congrats for this article!

    • I am glad to see you liked my article on The Fat Loss Code, It is amazing because it does teach you about your metabolism and how it plays a key roll in fat loss. This is a one time payment program that is going to give a lifetime of help.

      Thanks for the comment!


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