About Me

Hi, I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Kenny and I have been working out and learning new things about how to improve your body with supplements for about 5 years. I am 20 years old and I love to learn.

When I first learned about supplements and how they can help you build muscle, I was scared of them. I saw many people that were average joes start taking theses powdered drink mixes, and a few weeks later they were gaining muscle and really changed the look of their bodies.

I started looking into these products because who doesn’t want to have a body that looks amazing. I have learned that there are products that make you want to punch holes in walls and there are products that don’t do anything at all. With the years of research I have done I have found the products that I like that fit into that happy medium where you still get that “Jacked” feeling but your pocket book doesn’t go broke from all the home repairs you have to do.

Physical appearance is a huge key in life. What’s the first thing you look at when you see someone walking down the street? “Hey look at that guy he must have a great personality!” Well if that’s your first thought, you are probably a great person yourself, but I believe most everyone looks at the person and judges them by their physical look. If someone is overweight and has low self esteem then you will most likely keep on going and not give them a second thought. On the other hand if you see someone who walks down the street with shoulders back, great self esteem, lots of confidence, and assume they works out (by physical appearance) you might give them a second thought like maybe you want to meet them, date them, who knows what runs through your mind, but the point is if they look good because they work out and most likely use supplements, and you wish you could have that feeling then I want to help you out and show you the right supplements for your type of workout style.

Anyways I just want that point out there that I WANT TO HELP YOU!



Founder of Supplements To Get Stronger