JYM Supplement Science – Post Workout Review

Product: JYM Supplement Science Post Workout

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Overall Rating: 73 out of 100

What Is JYM Supplement Science Post Workout

JYM Supplement Science is a pretty well known supplement creator. They have many different supplement products and they are all decent to use. When I first heard about JYM Supplements I was skeptical, so I looked into them and found their line up of supplements, they have supplements for your entire day.

JYM Supplement Science has created a post workout supplement that makes it much easier to gain muscle and recover faster. This post workout is used by a wide variety of body builders. With this post workout, you will be able to grow larger muscle, boost endurance and strength, and recover much quicker than without a post workout supplement.

Who Is JYM Supplement Science Post Workout For

There are so many varieties of post workout supplement products on the market today. In every one of those post workout supplements they all offer just about the same end result, Gain Muscle and Recover Quicker. JYM Supplement Science has created a post workout product that works very well for what it is intended for.

JYM Supplement Science has created a post workout supplement that helps anyone who feels lots of soreness and or pain after a workout. They have put great ingredients like BCCA’s and Creatine into their product to ensure the greatest results. The intention of this product is to get your back into the gym as fast as possible, its hard to go the next day when you are super sore. Trust me, I know.

I would recommend this post workout supplement to anyone who finds themselves unmotivated to workout again the next day due to muscle soreness. You will find it much easier to workout when you are able to move the next day once you start taking a post workout supplement.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Increased Strength and Endurance
  • Muscle Growth
  • Multiple Flavors
  • Actually Works


  • Slightly Expensive
  • Possible Stomach Upsetting
  • 50 Calories

There are more pros than cons for JYM Supplement Science Post Workout. The cons do reduce this products overall rating.

How To Use JYM Supplement Science Post Workout

When you decide to try JYM Supplement Science Post Workout, you should:

  • Take the suggested serving (30 in a container)
  • Take with water or other liquid
  • Exercise a good amount and intensity
  • Take after every workout

I have found the taste of any powdered supplement product can be mixed fairly well with a sports drink like a Gatorade or PowerAde. Depending on your taste buds, it will be up to you just how you want to ingest your post workout supplement.

Post workout supplements should be taken no more than 15 minutes after you workout. You want your body to ingest the post workout supplement as quickly as possible so your muscles can start rebuilding right away.

If you are going to use any kind of workout supplement, you need to ensure you get an actual workout in with some real intensity. For a post workout supplement to build up muscles, it must have muscles that have been broken down in order to build them back up bigger and better. Get your sweat on, get some veins popping then when you finish, immediately get your post workout supplement into your body.

Is JYM Supplement Science Worth The Price

When I get to the point of buying anything, the number one question that comes to me is, “Is it Worth It?” I always try to buy thing that will actually be worth the price. I am a firm believer that More Expensive does not mean Better. Just because something is cheap does not mean it does not work.

With JYM Supplement Science, I believe it to be slightly expensive, but worth the price for you to try it for yourself. Everyone has a different opinion on how something works, I would recommend trying this product for the price, if you love it then great, however you may be like some others that find it to upset their stomachs. If you decide you do not like it, it is not a huge loss.

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My Final Thoughts On JYM Supplement Science Post Workout

I have tried many workout supplements in my experience with working out. I find it almost necessary to take a post workout after you get a good hard sweat going and your muscles worked hard.

Workouts benefit great from supplements and I believe JYM Supplement Science to have created a great post workout supplement. I find them to have a slightly higher price on their post workout supplement, then other competitors that work just as well. The claims they make are backed up by real people with real results to their increased strength and muscle size.

I recommend JYM Supplement Science Post Workout if you are looking to pay slightly more for a name, however if you are looking for results, you will find them with this product.

At A Final Glance … JYM Supplement Science Post Workout

Product: JYM Supplement Science Post Workout
Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Overall Rating: 73 out of 100

Verdict: Worth A Try

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