Best testosterone supplements for men over 50 – Don’t Let Age Stop You

What is Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics, although females also produce testosterone, albeit usually in smaller amounts. A type of androgen, testosterone is produced mostly by the testes/testicles in cells called the Leydig cells.”

Okay, now that we got the technical definition out of the way, lets break it down to the simple form.  Testosterone is a hormone created in our bodies, both men and women create testosterone, however women create much less. Testosterone is the hormone that really makes a man, a man. Testosterone gives men the ability to bulk up in muscle, become stronger, and grow hair is places many women do not. A man’s testosterone starts to kick in around 7-10 weeks after conception, starting to make you a man, Testosterone levels then rise slightly until a boy starts to hit puberty, that’s is when the testosterone levels rise very rapidly, causing muscle growth, hair growth, genital growth, and even mood swings.

By the time a man hits his late teens and early 20’s, his testosterone levels are at their peak. After Peak testosterone period, testosterone levels begin to drop slightly every year, in this period a testosterone booster is an okay supplement to start taking.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are made to, of course, boost your testosterone levels. What you should know is whether you need to boost your testosterone. Depending on your age, if you are feeling like you have less ambition, less muscle mass, less sex drive, or even depression, then the most probable explanation is lack of testosterone.

As I said above, after your early 20’s when your body is done maturing, your testosterone levels begin to decrease every year. As this article is directed to “men over 50” your body is producing much less testosterone because it doesn’t NEED IT, but that doesn’t mean you don’t WANT IT. If you are having any of the symptoms listed above you are most likely looking for ways to get them back. Testosterone boosters are definitely a way to help.

When using testosterone boosters you need to know that you should only take them if you NEED them. I know of a few young men that have taken them when they had NO NEED for them, of course increased testosterone can produce amazing results in increase muscle mass and energy but can have side affects like boosted estrogen, the main hormone in women.

If you are reading this to learn about testosterone boosters and are not over 50 but still wish to use them, I can only recommend you also find and use an estrogen blocker or else you will find yourself with boosted estrogen levels which can cause side effects, like one of the young men I know, growth of breasts and sensitive nipples.

However, If you are a man over 50 wishing to gain back the testosterone you once had in your younger years, I recommend looking into and trying one of the testosterone boosters below by clicking their image.



Natural Testosterone Boosters

Above I talked about pill form of ways to boost testosterone, but there are also ways to boost it naturally. I have done research on ways to boost testosterone levels naturally. The simple methods I have found to boost testosterone naturally are quite basic.

  1. Get enough sleep. 7-8 hours, lack of sleep is #1 reason for low testosterone
  2. Maintain a health weight. Being overweight or obese can lower testosterone levels
  3. Be Active. Your body has no need for testosterone if you are not physically active
  4. Keep your stress level under control.  The stress hormone cortisol makes it harder for your body to produce testosterone
  5. Know your Medication. Talk to your doctor about what your taking and their impact on Testosterone levels



Now that you have read what I have to say about Testosterone Boosters and whether or not you need them. I would like you to check all the boosters out before you take any. Talking to your Doctor can also really help in this situation. I told you two methods of boosting Testosterone, I hope one of the ways works for you and makes you feel like a man again!


I would like to thank you for visiting my website and giving my article a read. As always feel free to leave a question or comment

I wish you luck in trying to boost your testosterone levels



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  1. It’s good that men can get healthy testorsterone supplements when older. We don’t realize it, but testosterone is one of the key biological ingredients that helps us men be men. I wouldn’t know what to do if we only had a finite supply of testosterone without being able to safely get more. It helps with preserving muscles, brain function, and proper metabolism. Haha like natural steroids

  2. You have really manged to solve my sexual problems that I’m facing. the information you have given has made me to order right away some testerone supplements to see if my impotency problems caused by aging will be solved.

    I will come back to you as soon as I start using them since |I have just ordered them today, I will need some few days for them to be delivered.



    • Hey Jose, Thanks for the Comment. I’m glad my information was able to help you. Definitely get back to me when they come in!


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