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With the growing demand of workout supplements in todays era it is getting much harder to find workout supplements that really work. Once you find one that really works you, you need to make sure it won’t kill your pocket book after so long.

There are so many great workout supplements out there but some cost as much as $100 a container. I have never really been too wealthy so I have always had to find the cheap workout supplements that still worked and gave me results.

Here are my top recommended workout supplements that won’t break the bank:

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I have here my two favorite Creatine supplements that are both under $20 and both give just about the same results. I list these two together often because they truly are great supplements that will help you gain strength and recover faster.

The first time I ever used Creatine was in High School, I was curious how so many of the older guys were getting so much stronger than me so much quicker. I did the same workouts as everyone but I was getting more sore everyday. All the older guys were able to go right back where they left off the following day were I was left taking a day off trying to recover from the day before.

Once I was able to discover that they were taking supplements I need to try too. I am not one to be left in the dust. I found out what they were taking and when I looked up their product I saw it was $60 for one container. I could not afford that, I was not poor at the time but I did not have enough money to be able to spend that much every time I needed more.

What I did was search online on Amazon because that was were I would find the deals! Once I got to looking I found Six Star Creatine , it was only $15. Before I bought it I looked up what exactly it was used for. I found out that Creatine is naturally created by your body to help build muscle and remove lactic acid from your muscles to recover quicker. This I had To Try.

Once it arrived I was super excited to get to the weight room and workout. I had my friends looking at me funny because now I was going to take some supplements before my workout and I would be able to keep up with the older guys. Long story short, I started feeling much less sore the next day and was starting to feel stronger. After about a month I was able to lift the same amount as the older guys and I knew I would out lift them eventually, which I did after about 3 month of Creatine use.

Six Star Creatine Full Review 

Body Fortress Creatine Full Review

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Once I learned about Creatine and how it was cheap to buy, I wanted to see if I could get some other workout supplements in my daily routine that would not break the bank.

Once I started learning all I could about workout supplements I learned that there are several stages of workout supplements you should be taking. So the next stage I started to look for was Preworkout.

I had been looking online for Preworkout supplements that worked. I found lots of great Preworkout supplements but they were so expensive. Finally I stumbled upon this one, Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion. I was interested in it because I was using Six Star Creatine, so I wondered if their Preworkout would give me better results if I took them both. The great thing about this is, it is under $20 as well. I am able to buy a post workout Creatine supplement and a Preworkout supplement for about $30.

I ended up buying Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion and it arrived in a few days. I was excited to try it. I had to wait all day to get to the weight room and try this. Once it came time, I was more than ready to try this. I mixed it up drank it down and ran to the weight room. I didn’t really feel any different until about 15 minutes after I took it. I started to feel a tingle in my body, it wasn’t really bad but I was confused a little. I kept working out and found that the harder I went the feeling went away and I kept my workout pretty intense and I felt like I could go that hard for much longer than I normally would.

Overall I found Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion to be a very good product for the price. I ended up being able to try more expensive Preworkout supplements and I found they worked slightly better than Six Star’s but if you are on a budget I recommend Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion.

 Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion Full Review

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Here is my favorite Pre Workout Supplement I have ever used. I was very satisfied with Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion but it does not come very close in performance to C4 Pre-Workout.

Once I was able to actually save some money up every month, I thought It might be worth a shot to try a slightly more expensive supplement. I was seeing results from the cheap workout supplements but I just wasn’t sure if those results could be better or not.

Once I was able to purchase a more expensive supplement I went back to the computer to see what I could afford. There were some that were around $50 and I wasn’t going to go for that every time I needed a refill. I was finally able to find a pre workout supplement that had great reviews and was under $50. C4 only cost me about $25 and I thought it was a prefect price jump for me to try.

I brought it to the gym, shook it up in my blender bottle, then drank it. I was expecting a tingle like I had received from Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion, but what I felt was much greater.

Once I felt the tingle, it almost scared me. I felt almost a burning in my face and in my body, I kind of liked it. I found the same result, that the harder I worked the less it burned and I had energy like never before. I fell in love with C4.

C4 is by far my favorite Pre Workout Supplement and others may argue they like something better, but that something better is more than likely $50 or more. I love C4 for the results I get and the price I pay.

C4 Pre-Workout Review

I have used many supplements in my past 5 years of lifting and I found that these supplements are the cheapest that still give amazing results. You can pay more for supplements to get slightly better results but if you are looking for results and don’t want to spend all your money these are your best bet.

Thanks for reading, I always encourage comments, questions, or your own review of the products in my post, leave your feedback below.

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  1. Hi, thank you for sharing this information.

    As I am trying to get shape in shape as well, I usually try to reduce my calorie intake.

    This deficiency in calories sometimes make me feel weak and it is hard to find good days in the gym, but I started to take a pre work out supplement but usually it is quite expensive..glad to find this products.


    • Hey thanks for the comment. When you try to lose weight, a deficiency in calories is the quickest way but not always the safest. If you workout hard and combine your workouts with supplements, you will build muscle. When you build muscle, you lose weight. Not all supplements are super expensive.



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