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Post Workout Supplement Reviews

In the wonderful world of supplements there are many different products that all give different results.

I want to tell you my “Top Post Workout Supplements”

I have experimented with supplements for about 5 years now and I have learned which ones work and which ones aren’t worth your time. Post workout supplement are amazing for what they do. A post workout supplement is supposed to help you recover quicker and gain more muscle quicker.

These are my favorite “Post Workout Recovery Supplements”

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Power Build Post Workout

I want to start off with my highest rated post workout supplement that I found to works wonders.

I had used many different post workout supplements before I was able to stumble onto this one here. Power Build was recommended to me by a friend that used it and told me how much quicker his muscle soreness and fatigue went away.

When I workout I push my muscles to the point of exhaustion and they can be super sore the next day if I do not take a post workout supplement. I used to just fight through the soreness and be even more sore the next day before I found out what post workout supplements were made for.

Power Build is made by Jacked Factory and is a very well put together product. After I was told by my buddy how well it worked for him, I had to try it. When I first bought it, from Amazon, I was super excited to see what it would be like. I ordered Mixed Berry Blast and the taste was amazing. I have had other supplements that after being mixed, left grains at the bottom of my blender bottle, Power Build did not.

Once I went through about half the container, I really started to feel the results. I was not sore what so ever, and I felt like my strength was getting much better. All my core lifts increased and I was feeling great. I really recommend this post workout to anyone who is serious about getting stronger and looking to feel less sore after workouts.

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JYM Supplement Science Post Workout

My second post workout that I have found to be another great supplement is JYM Supplement Science Post Workout. I was very unsure about this product when I first found out about it. I had not heard of JYM Supplement Science products before so I was skeptical to find out if it would work or not.

I am not a huge fan of spending money on items that don’t work, however I am a very curious person when it comes to supplements. I love trying out new supplements, and trust me if they do not work, I will not recommend them.

My first experience with JYM Supplement Science Post Workout was an interesting one. I had just finished a full body workout that really killed me. Once I was done, I was in a pool of sweat that left me exhausted. I was ready to take a nap for a week after that workout. I thought a good hard workout like that would be a good time to try this new post workout supplement.

So once I was able to get myself into the locker room and mix up my new post workout, I was surprised at the taste, it wasn’t amazing but I didn’t mind it. I drank it down and went home. I woke up the next morning expecting to be super sore because I didn’t expect the supplement to work. Oh boy did it work, I was able to get up walk around and with a little soreness but once I got my daily morning stretch in, I was good to go.

JYM Supplement Science has made a pretty good product.

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When it come to building muscle, you will want some Creatine in your daily workout routine. Creatine is a natural supplement that is produced by our bodies to help build muscle and get stronger. Creatine can be added to your diet for even better results.

Almost all pre workout and post workout supplements have some Creatine in them, depending what the supplement is intended for. If your supplement says it will make you stronger and help build muscle, there is a good chance you have some Creatine in that supplement.

My very first ever supplement I bought was Six Star Creatine X3. I was in high school and I was tired of not being very strong, I wanted to be STRONGER! I looked into supplements and cheap ones because I was in high school with no real income.

When I finally found Creatine I fell in love. I actually started to gain muscle at a pretty fast rate, people thought I was taking steroids. Creatine helped me increase my bench press from 200 pounds to 275 pounds in about 2 months. I was very into lifting weights and working out hard so once I combined my workouts with Creatine, I got much bigger.

Now I am reviewing post workout supplements and Creatine definitely fits into this category. Once I started taking Creatine, I felt myself becoming much less sore the next day. I was not even looking for a recovery supplement at the time but I discovered by personal experience, Creatine can help you gain muscle and recover quite quickly.

When I finished my Six Star Creatine, I was ready to experiment a little more. I went to the store to see what other supplements I could buy that were similar to Six Star Creatine. I found Creatine by Body Fortress to be just about the same price. What I also found was it did not blend as well as Six Star’s did, there was much more clumps and grains at the bottom of my shaker bottle. It worked similar but I recommend Six Star Creatine over Body Fortress Creatine.

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My main goal is to give a quality review of products to my readers. I want to use my experience to get you the right supplements and save you money on supplements that do not cost too much but still work.

I love feedback, feel free to leave a comment, question, or your own review below.


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Kenny Huffman


  1. All of these post work out supplements really seem like they can reduce soreness after workouts, tone muscle etc. along with solid workout regiments. As I’m reading thru these articles though, I’m not sure which one is right for me. I’m a 5″10 175 pound guy that works out from time to time. Which one do you think is right for me?

    • Hey Ariel! Great question. Any one of these supplements would give you results, however since you are not working out on a daily routine, I would suggest going with one of the two Creatine options either Six Star Creatine, or Body Fortress Creatine. They are very effective supplements and you will receive the benefit of having less soreness and recovering faster. If you decide to get on a daily workout routine and really want to see results, I recommend Power Build by Jacked Factory.

      Thanks for the question,


  2. Hi, this is a great article!!!

    I was wondering if you can help me out…

    I play squash 3 times a week and because I’m 32 years old and I don’t recover as well as when I had been 22.

    I decided to look into ways to speed up recovery, from sleeping better to ice baths…

    One thing is really important to me is supplementation…

    In this regard I want to ask you, in your experience…

    What kind of supplements post workout will be the best for a hard and intense squash training session?

    Thanks and I hope you have a fantastic day!

    • Hey Kevin, with any workout that truly pushes your body to the limit is going to leave you sore the next day, and as you said, you don’t recover as fast as you used to. I have a few recommendations for you. Any post workout supplement that has Creatine and BCAA’s, are going to help your muscles recover faster, giving them the proper materials to rebuild your muscles.

      Another option is an increased intake of protein, either through food or a protein supplement. Protein is a great source for your muscles to repair themselves faster. On top of supplements and food, consider a good massage and or hot bath, loosen your muscles then massage them, that will help.

      Squash can get intense, make sure you give your body the right building blocks to recover with each time.


      Master Of SupplementsToGetStronger.com

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