What Is The Best Pre Workout Supplements For Men – Is It Safe?

Anyone who has worked out in the gym has seen the jacked guys with huge muscles claiming they used supplements and not steroids. The truth behind that is they most likely did. The use of workout supplements can give your great results in much quicker time than it would the traditional way. I have been using and researching supplements for about 5 years now, Supplements Work!

Top 3 Recommended Pre Workout Supplements

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Cellucor’s C4 Pre-Workout

My very first supplement I ever took before a workout was this right here, C4. I was in the locker room getting ready to go to weight training and I had been seeing other guys taking this powder stuff then go into the weight room and getting much better results then when they didn’t take the stuff.

When I finally gained the courage to go up to them and ask what exactly they were taking, they told me it was C4. I asked what did it do? They told me it helps you “Get Jacked!” They asked if I wanted to take any, I said sure.

I thought the container was a little unnerving at first saying C4 and all. Once they opened it for me and I saw the pink powder, I was still skeptical. They gave me a scoop and a half, and told me I would feel it in about 10 minutes.

About 10 minutes later I am doing my warm ups to start lifting and I get this burning more of an itching feeling in my face and slightly on my arms. I was kind of scared to tell anyone because I was still confused about what exactly the product was supposed to do, maybe I was supposed to feel that itching.

After about another 5 minutes the itching started to go away. I realized the harder I worked the less it would itch. So I started going much harder.

By the end of the period I was very contempt with my workout I just had, it was almost amazing. I felt like I had tons of energy, it boosted my mood and I wanted to do it again.

I found out more about C4, where to get it and how much it cost. I found out they sold it online at amazon so I bought it. Once it came in the mail, I was excited to go straight to the gym and try it. I ordered blue razz this time and it tasted even better than the fruit punch I had in the locker room.

I got to the gym took 2 scoops of the powder this time and got super focused, starting to feel the itch while warming up, then went full blast into an intense upper body workout, I had much more intensity then I normally would have without using the pre workout supplement.

All in all, I love C4 and it is my number 1 recommended pre workout supplement, Once I learned the itch would go away the harder I worked, the more I wanted to use it so I would keep my intensity up, if I started to itch I would work harder. I have used a pre workout supplement with my workouts ever since my first C4 experience.

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Jack3d Pre Workout

Here is another great pre workout supplement that I believe to be one of the very first. One thing I do like much more about Jack3d compared to C4 is that Jack3d comes with 45 servings in their containers. C4 has 30 but does have a 60 serving available for a slightly higher price.

The very first time I had heard about Jack3d was after my first experience using C4. I was in the locker room at my gym downtown and these three guys mentioned something about a pre workout that was one of the first to come out. Being my curious self I asked them just what exactly they were taking.

When they told me about the supplement they said it was an amazing workout supplement that would help you lift more and get bigger muscles. I was intrigued.

I finished my workout I had set up for the day using C4 and went home. I did a little researched on just what Jack3d was. I read a little about what others said, how it is great and how it increases your blood flow so you can lift more, and I decided to look on amazon and see if they had Jack3d, they did!

I ordered a container of Jack3d and it arrived 3 days later. Now I still had a bunch of C4 left because it worked for me and I loved it, but that wasn’t going to stop me from trying another similar product that may work even better. Just because you like your first choice doesn’t mean there isn’t a better one.

I got to school the next day and was excited to go to weight training to try my new pre workout supplement. I had an orange flavor this time and it sounded so good. Once I got to the locker room, I opened up my Jack3d and added it to my shaker bottle with some water, the taste was pretty good. I waited 10 minutes to see if the itching/burning sensation was going to start. It did but no where near as much as it did with C4.

I did my regular upper body workout with jack3d like I did with C4 so I could keep the variables to a minimum. When I slowed down I did not get the same itching that made me want to go harder like I did with C4, however I did maintain pretty good focus, high intensity (not as high as C4), and a pretty good attitude.

Long story short, Jack3ed worked pretty well, I do not believe it was as great C4 but definitely worth a look at my full review.

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Here is my final Preworkout recommendation, Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion. This is one pre workout that I stumbled on to when I was running low on money to keep my workout intensity up.

When I started College, I did not have a job, I had money saved up but not enough to keep up with the way I spending before, without rent or tuition fees.

I moved to a new city, rented an apartment for $550 a month and went to school for 8 hours a day, I did not want to get a job after a long day at school so I looked for alternatives to save money.

When I started to look online, I checkout out Amazon because they have just about everything you need at very competitive prices. I looked around for pre workout supplements that could compare to C4 or Jack3d. When I finally stumbled onto Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion. I was shocked when I found out it was only $15! I read some of the comments and reviews and thought what harm could it cause.

I ordered it and it arrived at my new apartment. I went to my new gym after school and took 2 scoops of the pre-workout mix. I was very surprised just how well I was able to focus on lifting and I still got a pretty good workout in.

When I took Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion, it definitely worked well as a pre workout supplement, however I do not believe it came very close to Jack3d or C4, those two are still pretty high up there for my favorites.

Overall, I do think Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion is a great pre workout supplement.. If you are on a budget, otherwise I recommend using C4 or Jack3d.

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I have experimented with many pre workout supplements and those are my 3 favorite. If you are able to spend the money for C4 or Jack3d, I recommend giving one of those a try first, if not try the cheaper pre workout supplement of Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion may be a better choice for you. I hope you get a chance to read my full review for C4, Jack3d, and Pre Workout Explosion

I love feedback and would love to hear your questions or your own reviews of these 3 pre workouts.


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Kenny Huffman


  1. Kenny,

    Those are the top selling 3 pre workouts. I have used all three of those and they are by far not the best pre workouts. Have you heard of Black Stone Labs? well, they created a product called DUST EXTREME. DE in a stimulant pre-workout. The finally put the chemical DMAA back into pre-work outs which had been banned before. JACK3D in the early 2000’s had it in there but then removed it. This is by far the best pre-work out on the market(for a stimulant). If you are a serious lifter and want a real explosive work out. DUST EXTREME is the best. C4 is a good place to be if you are new to the gym. BUT, if a pre-workout does not have the chemical DMAA I don’t believe it would stand to be ranked in the top 5. other examples would be NOXIPRO(but does not state how much DMAA is in each serving)

    Just my 2 cents

    • Hey Kurtis, thanks for the comment. When it comes to supplement usage it really narrows down to if the user likes it or not. When I chose these three pre workout supplements, I was using my own knowledge of the products and I know how they each impacted me. C4 is and I believe will always be my number one favorite and I will recommend it to anyone who is looking to try a pre workout supplement.

      When it comes to your own personal knowledge it sounds like you really enjoy Dust Extreme by Black Stone Labs, I will definitely be looking into this product and will more than likely write a review on that as well.

      Thank you for your comment,


  2. kenny,

    I think pre-work is to general. You need to ask yourself do you want a STIM or NON-STIM. Both have huge benefits a STIM pre can give you raw power in your lifts vs a NON stim is going to increase your pump. I have looked into both. STIM is great for big muscle groups vs NON stim for smaller groups like biceps or shoulders.

    Next chest workout take a STIM n NON-STIM together n tell me you aren’t stronger that day, more vascular, and have a crazy pump. Then I’ll know your lying 😉

    • Hey Kurtis, great information you just shared there. Thank you for sharing, I hope your comment can help my readers gain more knowledge on pre workout supplements. I love to learn new things every day as I have just now.

      Thanks for the comment,


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