How To Deal With Anger In A Healthy Way – Much Better Than Blowing Up!

Do You Get Angry Often?

Do You Deal With That Anger Well?

Best Ways To Deal With Anger

I myself suffer from fits of anger, sheer rage. Sometimes I lash out and punch walls, throw objects, and sometimes break things that I shouldn’t…

Learning to deal with your Anger can improve your life very much, being able to control what gets to you and how you react to it can show a lot about your personality. Most people are less attracted to someone with anger issues, but most people are attracted to someone who can act well under stressful situations.

My Recommendation …

Work Out!

Working out can improve your ability to control your anger. Workouts can clear your head of stressful situations that are going on in your life. The more time you spend in a weight room the more you will be able to keep your emotions in check in the outside world.

Working out can be a time you let your anger out. If you are someone like myself, who lets rage build up inside of you, you find that you can only take so much build up and your top just blows, sometimes in the worst situations possible.

How can you use working out to your advantage? If you can get into a daily habit of heading to the gym to blow off steam, you will immediately be able to control yourself a bit more and more everyday.

Don’t get mad at the weights. If you decide to maybe give the gym a shot to release some anger, make sure you do it in a healthy way. Every workout needs to be structured, you need your proper warm up and stretching. I am not telling you to not push yourself, what I am saying is DO NOT jump right into lifting as much as you can because you are a little angry (or a lot). This can lead to hurting yourself, which can lead to lack of motion and most likely even more frustration. Learn to use the anger to fuel your muscles, you need to learn to focus on the lift and letting all your built up rage flow out your body through hard lifts. I myself find it easier to get heavy weight lifted when I have had a bad day.

What lifts should you focus on when angry?

  • Bench Press
  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Power Clean
  • Punching Bag

These are core workouts that you will be able to lift a lot of weight with and constantly be able to improve yourself. Once you start to see improvement you will learn that channeling your anger into lifting is a contagious way to improve your body as well as your state of mind. Heavy lifting is one of the quickest ways to burn off anger, you use a lot of energy and effort. Once that is used up your anger will have no more fuel and you will feel great, possibly sore.

Once you learn that working out is a great way to burn off steam, you will want to be in the weight room much more often and learn new ways to push your body. Learning news ways to push your body will require new diet and supplements to keep yourself improving. Plateauing can cause frustration too.

Plateau – When you hit a point in your lifts where you just can’t get any heavier or past a certain amount of reps.

Ways to avoid the Plateau period are proper use of  supplements. Learning new ways to gain strength can be fun and if you are looking to get stronger, you are learning to keep your anger in check.

Once you learn to improve you body by channeling certain emotions through your lifts you will be able to control yourself much easier and have much less anger outbursts.

Kenny Huffman


  1. I like the image that of the Hulk! Lol! The ultimate epitome of anger.

    Your suggestions are truly helpful! What I like most is the work out. I myself has problems controlling my anger and when I do exercise regularly, I noticed that I am more calm even when faced with stressful situation.

    Very helpful article!

    • Hey Glad you liked my Hulk! Anger is always going to be in your life but you just need to find ways to disperse it. I think working out is one of the best and healthy ways to do so.


  2. I was quite upset to read about how you have to suffer with your anger. Your advice about working out is really sound and although you probably know about this amazing supplement, perhaps your readers haven’t heard of its calming influence.
    From your symptoms, you definitely have a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium will calm your mind and soothe your sore muscles and give you energy at the same time. It will aid your sleep too. If you do suffer from tension, anger and frustration, muscle cramps and spasms, try this amazing mineral. It could also save you money from having to keep mending your walls! Don’t suffer any longer, try it for yourself. Ches

    • Hey thanks for the comment, I will have to check into Magnesium and see how it works for me. I am always interested in new supplements to help people in many different ways. If magnesium can help with anger and sleep then I will definitely be checking up on that.


  3. Hey Kenny,

    Generally, everyone can find ways to channel their anger and be extremely constructive, instead of destructive.

    Working out is an amazing way to deal with anger. I remember some years back, I used to practice kickboxing and I was calmer than ever, and not just during practice, but throughout the day as well.


    • Thanks for the comment! Working out can be done in so many different ways and used to relax you. I hope most people find creative ways, instead of destructive ways to deal with their anger. We all have issues, finding a way to deal with them is up to you.


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