How To Use Workout Supplements To Get Stronger – A Lot Faster Than Without Them

What Are Workout Supplements?

Workout Supplements are such great tools to have if you want to improve your body, mind, and way of life. If you can use them properly to help you get the results you want, you can look better, feel great, and make yourself much happier.

There are a wide variety of workout supplements that you can choose from and categories that each fit into. You have pre workout supplements that help you get a better workout, post workout supplements that help you recover faster and help build muscle, and you have supplements that can help you lose weight. All supplements have a purpose and if you can combine each type into your daily workout routine, you can get great results much quicker than the traditional way of just working out everyday.

How Do Pre Workout Supplements Work?

When you decide that you want to increase the rate that you build muscle, you need to know what supplements to take and how they work. A pre workout supplement is a great product to start with, you will have much more energy to put into your workout, you will get a better pump, and you will have an overall better workout.

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I want to use Jack3d as an example.

This is an example of a pre workout supplement. The proper way to use Jack3d is to take 10 to 20 minutes before your workout. This will give you an increase in energy, focus and power. If you are at the gym to actually get a workout in you will have much more focus throughout your whole workout.

When you take a pre workout, they have certain ingredients that do different things. All good pre workout supplements have NO (Nitric Oxide). What NO does is increases the amount of blood flow to your muscles. The reason for this is that the more oxygen that gets to your muscles, the better they can be used to lift more, lift longer or even the case for endurance you can do cardiovascular for much longer or much faster. You need more blood flow to get more oxygen. Getting more oxygen to muscles is the best way to break them down so you can build them up to be bigger, stronger, and faster.

Another great ingredient that most great workout supplements have in them is creatine monohydrate. This is an ingredient that is used to help muscles grow. Creatine is a natural supplement that is created by your body to help in muscle growth. You can take in creatine through red meats and other foods that include animal muscles. Most creatine is cooked out of these foods so I recommend using a supplement that includes it.

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How Do Post Workout Supplements Work?

Now that you know a little more about how pre workout supplements work, lets talk post workout supplements. After you have had a hard workout, your muscles are broken down and sore, you need to build them back up. There are many different workout supplements that are made just for this.

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I want to use Power Build by Jacked Factory as an example.

Power Build is an example of a post workout that will help you reduce recovery time to get you back into the gym for another hard workout.

Have you found that is takes a day or two to get yourself back into the weight room or back to running. This is most likely because your muscles are extremely sore and full of lactic acid. You need to be able to give your muscles a way to build themselves back up and get the lactic acid out.

When your muscles are worked they are broken down and lactic acid fills them, this is just part of being human. If you want to get bigger, faster, and stronger you must break muscles down and build them back up. Post workout supplements are the key to building them back up and getting back to it quicker so you can break them down once again.

When you buy a post workout supplement, you want to get one that has great key ingredients. I mentioned creatine monohydrate in pre workout supplements, but if you really want to recover faster a much larger portion of creatine is needed. You can buy post workout supplements like Six Star Creatine that have 8 grams of creatine monohydrate that help you recover real fast. There is one downfall of creatine monohydrate, it will dehydrate you very quickly and can cause kidney damage. Make sure you drink lots of water the days you take in creatine monohydrate. I have taken it for years and I drink at least 8 bottles of water a day. That may be on the extreme side but better safe then sorry.

Other great ingredients include BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), they work very well with creatine mono hydrate to help your muscles recover faster and grow larger. You can also increase you carbohydrate count, and add a protein mix to your post workout supplement. Make sure you get a post workout supplement that will work for your demand.

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How Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Now that you know about workout supplements that will help you get a better workout, reduce soreness and get stronger. You need to know about supplements that can help you lose weight if you have a few extra pounds you would like to get rid of.

There are many types of supplement products that can help you lose weight. The number one thing I recommend is fat burners. I like to use fat burners when I want to lose a few pounds off my belly, they help my six pack show a bit more.

When you decide to use a fat burner, there are different kinds that help you lose weight different ways. There is a type that helps your brain turn off the hunger and be able to operate just fine throughout your day with much less calorie intake. Another type turns up your internal temperature and your body must work harder throughout the day trying to get back to core temperature. Finally there is another type that is incorporated in most of all fat burners that boosts your metabolism to burn calories much faster than normal.

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I love to hear feedback about my posts and products. Feel free to leave a comment, question, or your own review of a product that you found worked good for you.

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    Great Article

    I have been looking for some decent information on the real benefits of both a Pre Work Out Supplement and a Post Workout Supplement. I have always been a fan of the Gold Standard Whey but your post has given me some useful information on some other options. I look forward to some of your future posts in regards to some of the better supplement options.


    • Hey Chris, thanks for the comment. I have used Whey products myself but I find that they work the best when combined with a proper post workout supplement, they work great together. I am glad you like my post and I will continue with new ones all the time.


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