Do Workout Supplements Really Work – Evidence Inside!

Can Workout Supplements Help You?

Have you ever wondered how so many of the huge guys, that go to the weight room everyday got to be that size? There is a whole lot of time and effort they put in but they have a secret that gets them bigger and stronger much faster. The secret they use is workout supplements.

There are so many different brands and products in the workout supplement world today. The key to using them effectively and gaining their full potential is knowing how they work and how to incorporate them into a daily workout routine. Without a daily routine, supplements can be a waste of money. You need to have a goal that you truly want to achieve, if you are going to use workout supplements.

How Do Workout Supplements Work?

When you decide that trying to increase your strength and size with the use of workout supplements is right for you, you need to know how exactly workout supplements work. There are several different types that all have hundreds if not more brands for each type. The main types of workout supplements are pre workout supplements, post workout supplements, and supplements you take on the daily whether you workout that day or not.

Pre Workout Supplement
A pre workout supplement is a product you take before you start your workout, usually 5-20 minutes before. This is a product that is designed to give you a boost in energy to get through your workout, more pump to push heavier weight, and increased blood flow to your muscles so they can be used more efficiently.

Post Workout Supplement
A post workout supplement is a product that you are supposed to take immediately after your workout. The reason you would take a post workout supplement is to help your muscles build back up. When you get a real good workout in, your muscles break down and they need to be built back up by your body, the use of a post workout supplement helps in the process.

Daily Supplements
There will be days where you find yourself in need of some recovery time, on these days you still need to take supplements to help your body in the recover process. A post workout supplement can usually be taken everyday even when you didn’t work out that day, it will still supply your body with extra nutrients that your body need to recover quicker compared to if your body were to recover on its own. Other daily supplements you can take through your day are your vitamins and minerals.

Vitamins and minerals are very important to your body, especially if you are pushing yourself everyday. When you take in extra vitamins and minerals it helps give your body building blocks to use to replace broken blocks more quickly then if your body were to replace them with out extra supplementation. Your bones and organs will also benefit from in extra intake of vitamins and minerals as well as your muscles. It is very important to take in daily supplements when pushing yourself to build muscle.

So Do Workout Supplements Really Work?

When you go to your gym that is full of the huge muscly guys or even girls, feel free to ask them if they have ever used any supplements, I will guarantee you they will say yes. Be aware of the huge guys that have a temper and look angry… they are most likely on steroids and those are not what you want.

There is a reason that most of those people will tell you that they use supplements… They work. Almost anyone that has taken time to gain a whole lot of muscle has their own brand of supplements they prefer and a lot of people are prefer different ones. Now keep in mind that when they found their first supplement that they liked, they probably never changed. I encourage anyone looking to use workout supplements to try different brands, find one that works the best for you. Price is not always the biggest factor, just because a product is expensive does not mean it is the best. I have a few supplements I have tried and liked in my categories at the top of my page, those are ones that I have found to work amazing for me and they are not super expensive. Feel free to check them out.

Okay so I still haven’t came out flat and gave you answer. So do workout supplements really work?! Yes workout supplements work amazing. If you are looking to truly change the look of your body and want to gain muscle and definition, workout supplements need to be combined with workouts that break down muscle in your body so the workout supplements can help build them up bigger, better, and stronger.

Thanks for reading. I encourage any feedback you may have. Feel free to leave a comment, question, or a product review you have of your own. I also take in requests for supplements you would like me to review. I reply to all questions as soon as possible. Feel free to look at all my reviews.

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  1. Hello Kenny

    I just came across your page and really enjoyed this content.

    I had no idea that people working out can and do actually use supplements to help them before and after workouts.

    I learnt so much from reading this article today and I am certain that many others will gain a great insight as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to write and showcase this on your site it was very helpful to someone that didnt know about the proper use of supplements when working out.

    • Hey Damian! Thanks for the comment. I am always surprised at the number of people who don’t know how workout supplements can help you. I love taking pre workout supplements like c4 to give me a little extra boost and a post workout supplement like Six Star Creatine or Power Build and sometimes both to help me recover faster so I can get back to my workout the next day. I do emphasis that you drink more water when taking supplements because some ingredients like creatine monohydrate can dehydrate you, leading to bad news. Take in more water and you will be fine.

      Thanks for the comment,


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