What Workout Supplements Should I Take – Will It Cost Me A Fortune?

How Do Workout Supplements Help You Get Stronger?

When you decide that your workout routine you have been doing for so long just isn’t getting you the results you want, you will want to try workout supplements to help you achieve the results you are looking for. Before you take any kind of workout supplement, you should find out what the supplement is intended for and what are the effects.

There are different types of workout supplements and each type has a huge variety of brands. You should know that just because a supplement says it is better than the others and more expensive does not necessarily mean it is. You need to know ingredients and compare those to each brand.

When you take workout supplements there are a few different categories that will each effect your body in different ways.

  • Pre Workout Supplements
  • Post Workout Supplements
  • Daily Supplements
  • Diet Supplements

Pre Workout Supplements

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There are different stages to take different workout supplements. The very first stage you start at before your workout is a pre workout supplement. There are so many great pre workout supplements on the market, they all vary in price and each one has a little bit different formula.

I have tried each one of these three pre workout supplements and wrote positive reviews for each. They are all different prices and do the same thing but to different extents.

When you take a pre workout supplement, the main goal is to boost your energy levels, give you more focus, and help you intensify your workout. You will find that different products give these results in different ways. If one product has more NO (Nitric Oxide), you will find yourself becoming fatigued much less and you will also feel a itching/burning sensation with NO but it is normal and goes away the harder you work.

A pre workout supplement should also have ingredients like creatine monohydrate, not a huge amount but a few grams per serving. This will help when it comes to building muscles larger and stronger. Creatine monohydrate is a naturally produced chemical in your body that aids in muscle growth. Creatine monohydrate can dehydrate you, so increase your water intake when using pre workout supplements with that contain it.

BCAA’s are a huge part in any workout supplement you buy. Not a necessity but important. They help your body use protein more effectively, and reduce protein breakdown, allowing your muscles to grow larger. The better your body can use protein to build itself back up the better faster you can recover and get back to the gym.

The final main ingredient of a good pre workout supplement is caffeine. Caffeine is a great way to turn up your energy levels and help you burn more calories. This is what gives you the extra boost to get through your workout with much more intensity than without a pre workout supplement.

With these main ingredients you should be able to reach a much more intense level to your workout than you would without the use supplements. Pre workout supplements are my favorite supplements that I look forward to before each workout.

Post Workout Supplements

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So you took your pre workout supplement before your workout and you had a super intense workout because if it. Now you are going to feel the effects of the increased workout in your muscles the next day. The best way you can reduce the soreness and get yourself back into the gym for another workout is by taking a post workout supplement. This will help you recover much faster.

When you take a post workout there are different ingredients and different supplements that all fit into the same category. I mentioned above how pre workout has creatine monohydrate, post workout supplements have the same ingredient but more of it. When you use it in a pre workout it is helping your muscles get through the workout, but after you finish you want even more to help your muscles fully recover.

One of my favorite post workout that gives me the amount of creatine I need to recover is Six Star Creatine. This supplement is only $15 and that is one of the reasons I love it. It contains 8 grams of creatine and you will feel less sore the next day. Like I said above about creatine monohydrate, you need to increase your water intake to let the creatine have it’s full healthy effects.

BCAA’s again. This is an unnecessary ingredient in pre workout supplements but it is a must for a post workout supplement. These will help your muscles process proteins much more efficient and help in muscle recovery. The whole point of a post workout supplement is to recover faster and growth your strength.

Carbohydrates, the quickest way to intake energy. When you eat foods, you take in carbs, fats, and proteins. Each serves a different duty to your body. When you intake carbohydrates, your body will use those are the quickest way to give itself energy for whatever needs it may have. Muscle recovery is one of those “needs” your body needs to get done, your body will use carbohydrates to fuel itself to recover quicker.

With these main ingredients, your body will recover much quicker than without supplements. You will be able to get back to your workouts in no time. My favorite post workout supplement is Power Build by Jacked Factory.

Daily Supplements

Now that you are taking pre and post workout supplements, you will want to take in daily supplements to help your body even more. There are certain vitamins and minerals your body uses to grow and your body can run out of these and will cause a change in your attitude and after enough time it can even effect your body.

Vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12 can all become deficient if not properly taken on a regular basis. When you workout your body is working much harder than it would at resting state. This in mind your body uses it’s vitamins up much quicker and thus must be replaced. A one a day daily vitamin can provide you with the minimum of each but you can buy each vitamin separately for a much better replenishment.

There are also minerals that your body will use up on its muscles instead of other key parts of the body if not properly maintained. A mineral like Calcium, the most important mineral in your body to build bones and other body structural parts, can be used up if you workout too hard and not replenish it. I recommend taking a recommended serving of all vitamins and minerals daily to help your body properly build itself up, without sacrificing other key parts of your body.

Daily supplement intake should include all vitamins and minerals needed for proper body function and body repair.

Diet Supplements

If you are someone who has started working out because you realize you have put on a few extra pounds and want extra help losing them, diet supplements can help. There are specific diet plans like a ketogenic diet, that help you understand how calorie intake effects body fat and help you eat differently. There are also fat burners that help burn more fat throughout your day with combination of exercise. Keep in mind any diet supplement should be combined with a exercise routine.

Fat burners are a wonderful supplement product that help you shred a few pounds. There are three different kinds of fat burners.

The first kind of fat burner is a thermogenic fat burner. These work by raising your core temperature and it forces your body to work harder in order to lower your temperature. It is much like your body fighting a cold with a fever but instead, your body is using the heat to help burn more fat.

The second kind of fat burner is an appetite suppressant. These work by turning off the hunger sensor in your brain. If you don’t feel hungry then why do you need to eat? They work best to help you control your cravings for certain foods when you see them, and when you don’t see them, you don’t want them. This is my favorite type of fat burner. People ask me why I don’t want to eat some of my favorite snacks when I am on them and I can simply tell them because I am not hungry for them.

The final fat burner that is normally incorporated into the others is a metabolism booster. When you take a metabolism boosting fat burner, you are telling your body that you want to work harder. Your body will set itself at a certain pace to metabolize your foods but it sets itself to what it thinks is right. It doesn’t know that you are trying to burn off the calories that is stored so you need to tell it to speed up. A metabolism booster will tell your body to burn more fat and you will see pounds melt off if you can combine it with a workout regime.


So after all that, what workout supplements should you take? You now know how each type works and that there are multiple of every type. You need to determine what your goals are and take the supplement that fits into your goal. If you are trying to get bigger and stronger, all while losing weight, use every step of workout supplement. Pre workout, post workout, daily, and diet supplements can help you achieve the goal you set.

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