What Is Nitric Oxide – Can It Be Good For You?

Your body is an amazing thing and there are different ways to help it do even more amazing things. One thing that can really help your body work at its full potential is a compound called Nitric Oxide or NO for short. This is a chemically formed product created by combining one oxygen molecule with one nitrogen molecule. There are a multitude of ways you can use NO to help your body grow and operate more efficiently.

How To Use Nitric Oxide With Workouts

One great thing that nitric oxide can do is help you get a better workout. I have been using a nitric oxide booster for years now and I love the way I feel after each workout.

Nitric Oxide can be found is a variety of workout supplements. Most pre workout supplements include nitric oxide to help intensify your workout. When you workout your body needs blood flow and the more the better. This is what nitric oxide does, it helps supply your muscles with more blood because the more blood carried to your muscles the more oxygen goes with it.

When you take a supplement that includes nitric oxide it helps your blood vessels open up much wider than normal, this allows your body to send more blood and oxygen to your muscles.

The wider your blood vessels are the more blood can flow through them. This will allow your body to work at a much higher rate and be able to push your body to a new level where you will be able to grow muscles and gain strength much quicker.

Is Nitric Oxide Safe?

Nitric oxide is a proven product that helps get more blood flow through your body. It has been researched for years and would not be allowed for sale if proven unsafe. I love to use nitric oxide because it gives me a much better workout and helps me push myself to higher levels compared to when I take no nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is in a huge amount of workout supplements, you can buy it by itself or in a pre workout supplement.

There are many physicians that recommend nitric oxide to the elderly because their blood vessels have began to shrink. This is a solution to helping older people live longer and be able to continue a lot of physical activities they love to do.

Products That Include Nitric Oxide

I said above that there are a huge number of supplements that include nitric oxide and here are some: These are all clickable links.


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Kenny Huffman


  1. Hi Kenny, thanks for posting.

    I do have one quick question. I have had people tell that supplements (such as C4 and the other popular supplement brands) contain way too much sugar. I have even had someone tell me that the amount of sugar the supplements have in them can have more negative effects than positive.

    In your experience, does the high sugar content of these supplements outweigh the benefits of beneficial compounds like Nitric Oxide?

    Thanks for your help! Keep up the great work.

    • Hey great question! I have never had any negative effects from pre workout supplements such as C4 but I do not have any health issues. For someone who has a dieses like diabetes, the sugar could become a real factor however there are workout supplements that I listed above that are strictly for nitric oxide boosting that contain no extra sugar and I would recommend those to someone concerned about too much sugar.

      Hope that helps,


  2. Excellent post Kenny, love your site too – I can definitely vouch for Nitric Oxides effectiveness as a safe pre-workout supplement.

    Some stupid people call things like this cheating – as if its anabolic steroids or something lol. But as you point out, all it does is allow for better blood flow around the body, which generally just improves your oxygenation and thus your workout capability.

    • Hey Marley thanks for the comment. I am glad I can have a second opinion on my page. I love nitric oxide and I am glad to see you do it. I know exactly what you mean when you say some people thinks this is like steroids but they are just ignorant and need to be taught about great supplements like NO.

      Glad you liked my post.



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