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C4 is definitely in my top 3 pre workout supplements. I have tried many different brands but I always find myself coming back to C4 because it gives me exactly what I need to get through a tough workout.

I am going to tell you all the great ingredients inside of C4 and just exactly how they work.

C4 Pre Workout

C4 was the first pre workout supplement I ever took and I was hooked ever since.

I had no idea what to expect the first time I took C4. All I told was I was going to want to lift more and I might get a possible itch in my body.

Once I drank it down I loved the taste, Icy Blue Razz, it went down smooth with no chunks. I heard about other products leaving chunks or grains at the bottom and wouldn’t dissolve but C4 mixed just fine and there was nothing at the bottom.

About 10 minutes into my workout I started feeling this itching or kind of a burning sensation in my face and I was confused and a little scared, but I kept working out and I realized, the harder I worked, the less of a tingle I felt in my face. I learned to use this as a border line to how hard I need to work after taking C4.

Once I learned that the reason I felt that weird sensation was because of one of the main ingredients, I learned more about it and it is now my favorite ingredient for pre workout.

C4 Pre Workout Main Ingredients

In most great pre workout supplements there are 4 main ingredients that make them the best.

The best ingredients for a pre workout supplement that are included in C4 are:

Creatine Monohydrate – This is an ingredient that really helps the body with building muscle. When your body ingests extra creatine monohydrate, you gain extra ATP, a form of adrenaline that helps with pushing your body further than before.

Creatine monohydrate is also a great way to help your muscles recover, so this is found in higher levels in post workout supplements.

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BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids)- This is a great ingredient that will help with synthesizing proteins. There are a few different types of BCAA’s but included in C4 is Beta Alanine, as seem on the label above.

BCAA’s help your body work more efficiently when working out and being broken down. They help you body break down a certain way so they can eventually help it build back up.

Nitric Oxide – My very favorite ingredient that is responsible for the itching/burning sensation I mentioned above. On the label it is “creatine nitrate”, nitric oxide mixed with creatine.

Nitric oxide works with your body to open up blood vessels much wider to get your muscles more blood. Your blood is what carries oxygen to your muscles and the more oxygen, the harder they work.

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Caffeine – One of the most natural and quickest ways to help your body get a jolt of energy. You need extra energy from a pre workout supplement in order for the rest of the ingredients to do their job properly. Your body may not work as hard if you do not receive this extra burst of energy.

Is C4 Pre Workout Safe?

I hear this question a lot when I am at the gym. Is that safe to use? Is that like steroids?

I tell everyone I recommend C4 to, that it is 100% safe to use if you have no health conditions. There are possible sugar effects on someone with diabetes. There is also a possibly of harm with someone who has a heart issue.

So if you are a healthy individual with no health issues, I say C4 is a great product for you to try.

If you do have a health issue, please discuss C4 with your doctor.


C4 is my go to pre workout supplement. I love the tingling feeling I get and I love to use it as a way to keep my workout going hard. C4 contains all the great main ingredients a pre workout supplement should and it is 100% safe to any “healthy” individual.

If you are interested in C4, I recommend buying from Amazon.com for you will get it at the best price.

I also have a full C4 review available.  Feel free to check out all my reviews I have on workout supplements.

I want to thank you for visisting and I would love to answer any questions you may have. Leave a question or comment below.


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