How To Use Workout Supplements With My Workouts – Simple!

How Does Your Body Use Workout Supplements?

Workout Supplements must be used with Workouts

When you decide that you want to build muscle much quicker then the traditional way, you will want to use workout supplements. Workout supplements help your muscles become larger and stronger by rebuilding them better than they were before with different ingredients that each different workout supplement has.

When you workout, your body is breaking down your muscles and after they are broken down they need to be rebuilt. Different ingredients like protein, creatine, BCCA’s, and NO (nitric oxide) will help your body rebuild itself.

Imagine a house that has already been built. This house has a structure that works already, but what if you want to remodel it and expand it? You will need to tear parts down and rebuild them the way you want, with different material and tools. This is the same thing when you want to improve your body. You need to break down the parts you want changed and use stronger material to build it back up. This is what you do every time you workout. Break down the muscles you want to strengthen and build them back up stronger. Your body does all the recovering itself but you need to do all the breaking down, by pushing the muscles you want changed when you workout.

What Do Workout Supplements Do For Your Body?

Athletes and Body Builders Use Workout Supplements

Now that you may have decided that you want to remodel your body, you need to choose the materials and tools you want to remodel with.

Every time you eat food, you are taking in ingredients that can be used to remodel your body. Some foods, if you take in too much, will cause your body to store this extra material in means of fat. Fat can be used as a source of energy in situations but if you live in todays society you will not need to store fat because we no longer live in situations where we will find ourselves without food. You will want to burn all of this excess fat off by breaking down your muscles and allowing your body to use this fat up until you are happy with the amount of fat on your body. The healthy minimum for a male is 3-8% body fat and for a woman is about 12% body fat. This will set a standard for you if you want to show more muscle on your body.

Now these foods you eat everyday can help your body rebuild itself if you take in the right foods and the right amount, but none of this needs to really be watched too carefully if you are planning on taking workout supplements. When you take in your daily calories, you want to take in enough for your body to function but not too much that your body will store it. Imagine a car, if you don’t have gas you will not go anywhere but if you take too much you will waste it (on the ground when it overflows). Make sure your body has fuel but not too much that it gets wasted into your fat storage, this isn’t really a waste but it is not what you want if you are trying to build muscle and add muscle tone.

There are a few types of workout supplements and each type has a numerous amount of brands. These are what you will be using to supplement the ingredients you get from your food, and why you should worry less about what goes into your body and more about how many calories you take in to run your body. You need to know the types and worry less about brands when you are starting out. The main workout supplements you need to know are:

  • Pre Workout Supplements
  • Post Workout Supplements
  • Daily Supplements
  • Diet Supplements

What Do Pre Workout Supplements Do And How do They Work?

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Pre workout supplements are the supplement you take before a workout. You want to take a Preworkout supplement 5-20 minutes before your workout for maximum efficiently, any less you might not get the full intent during your workout and any longer you might go crazy because you have way to much energy that you are not using yet, so stick to no longer than 20 minutes before and no sooner than 5 minutes.

Pre workout supplements have amazing ingredients that do amazing things.

NO (Nitric Oxide) – This is a very important ingredient that you will want to  make sure your pre workout supplement contains. What NO does is opens your blood vessels and arteries to allow more blood to travel through to your muscles. When blood travels to your muscles, it brings oxygen, the more oxygen you muscles get, the more efficient they operate. If your muscles are operation at peak efficacy then you should have a much better workout experience and see more results quicker.

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BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) – These are the ingredients that allow your body to use proteins and other muscles building compounds more efficiently and allows your body to rebuild itself better and faster. This is not a huge ingredient for a pre workout supplement but it will be a lot more necessary in a post workout.

Creatine Monohydrate – This ingredient is a very important one when it comes to helping your muscles. Creatine monohydrate allows your muscles to use more ATP a form of adrenaline more efficiently. This ATP allows your muscles to be used at a much higher rate so you can workout more and longer. This is also a huge ingredient for a post workout supplement.

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Caffeine – This is an ingredient that almost everyone know the purpose for, energy. The same ingredient found in coffee and energy drink. Caffeine is an ingredient that will serve as a boost of energy that you will want if you are not feeling like a workout. I always force myself to take a pre workout supplement on days I do not feel like working out because all these ingredients combined with caffeine give me such a boost of energy I can’t just sit around after I take it so I force myself to the gym.

With all these ingredients in your pre workout supplement, you will have a new energy level before workouts that will leave you working much harder than before. Pre workout supplements are my favorite because of the great energy I get that forces me to have a great workout that leaves me feeling great.

What Are Post Workout Supplements And How Do They Work?

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The purpose of a post workout supplement is to give you a boost in recovery time. You may find yourself having to wait a day or two before returning to your workout but with a post workout supplement, you can be back your workout by the next day. Post workout supplements help your body recover faster with these great ingredients.

Creatine Monohydrate – I mentioned this in pre workout supplements but the big part for creatine is use in post workout supplements to help you recover. There are products like Six Star Creatine that give you 8 grams of creatine monohydrate. This extra boost in creatine will help your body rebuild your muscles much quicker because your muscles have a better “material” to use to build themselves stronger. When you take extra creatine to rebuild your body, you will want to consume much more water because creatine monohydrate is a very good dehydrator to your body, not too big of a deal if you drink more water on days you take your post workout supplement that contains creatine monohydrate.

BCAA’s – This is also included in great pre workout supplements but very important in post workout supplements. When your body breaks itself down during a workout, it needs to be rebuilt. Think of BCAA’s as a guide that will help your body recover much quicker. It helps your body use better “material” in better ways to build your muscles back up, bigger and stronger.

Carbohydrates – Carbs are a great source for recovery. When you take in carbohydrates, your body will use those are the quickest means of energy. There are other supplies of energy but your body is able to use carbs as the fastest most easily accessible way to receive energy. The more energy your body has, the more it can use the other ingredients to rebuild your muscles.

Post workout supplements will help your muscles rebuild themselves much quicker than without a post workout supplement. I dread the days I workout and don’t have a post workout supplement because I know the next day will be a sore one.

What Are Daily Supplements And How Do They Work?

You should be taking daily supplements already but if not you should start. Daily supplements are vitamins and minerals. You need these to make sure your body will be able to operate at the level you want it to. Vitamins keep your body healthy and minerals keep your body strong. These can be taken by a one a day multivitamin or through individual vitamins. I prefer the individual vitamins and minerals but that is up to you.

Vitamins – These are what keep your body operating at peak efficiency. Without certain vitamins your body will become deficient in some areas and that can cause disease that can lead to body failure and even death after so long.

Minerals – These are what keep your body strong. Without minerals your bones would become soft and start to bow in places. This is not something you want. Minerals like calcium are the number one way your bones stay strong. Take in extra minerals to ensure your body stays strong.

Vitamins and minerals should never be forgotten about, keep your body operating well and keep it strong.

What Are Diet Supplement And How Do They Work?

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When you are tying to shed a few pounds you will want to incorporate some kind of diet supplement that will help you burn fat. Fat is an important energy source … if you find yourself without food for days.

Today fat is not looked at as a healthy energy source but a way to judge someone by their laziness. Today when you see a larger person with a few extra pounds, you don’t say “Wow, they have lots of energy.” but instead you look at them and think how they are too lazy to do anything about their body.

Everyone has the ability to lose body fat but the one factor that really matters is your brain. You must convince yourself you can and you will lose the extra fat. It is the hardest thing for me to listen to someone tell me they can’t do something, when in reality they can do what ever they set their mind to. Stick to a routine, see results, keep it up, hit your target. You got to believe to achieve.

There are these cool supplements that I love to use when I see myself gaining a few pounds, they are called fat burners and there are a few kinds.

Thermogenic Fat Burner – These are pills you can take that will raise your core temperature. When your core temperature rises, your body will want to cool itself off. When your body is working to keep itself cool, it must use energy to do so. This energy that your body uses comes from your fat cells, the harder your body works the more fat it will consume to keep up the hard work.

Appetite Suppressant – This type of fat burner is my favorite. When you take an appetite suppressant fat burner, it simply turns off your brain’s hunger. You can look at food and tell yourself you do not need it much easier. You still want to take in your daily calorie count but when you can say no to the unhealthy foods it is much easier to eat healthier.

Metabolism Booster – This is a fat burner that is normally mixed in with the other two types but can also be taken by itself. A metabolism booster will help your body operate at a better efficiency by using calories and fat better. Your body uses calories everyday to operate so if you can tell your body to boost the rate it uses these calories you will lose weight faster.

Fat burners are my favorite way to lose a few pounds but there are also great diet plans that can help you lose weight. My favorite diet plan is a ketogenic diet. I have a better description of how fat burners work. Feel free to read my fat burner review here.

Thank you for reading my article about workout supplements. I love feedback and I would love to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to leave a question or comment below, I will reply ASAP.


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  1. Hi Kenny, Very interesting article, I am about to get back to the gym after years , I am a healthy 48 years old guy, you talk about Pre / Post Workout Supplements also Daily and Diet supplements, would you have an special recommendation for beginners like me, it sounds to me that those supplements would be for somebody who is advanced, thanks again for the info.

    • Hey Karsand! I am glad you liked my article and I am glad you are getting back to the gym, its a great place. When you first get back into it I wouldn’t recommend jumping straight in with workout supplements. I recommend starting slow and just getting a workout in. Once you find your self getting really sore, purchase a post workout supplement like Six Star Creatine, this will help you get over your soreness and eventually incorporate a pre workout supplement if you want a more intense workout. Don’t go super hard at first, just ease into it and let your body tell you what you need. If you are super sore start with a post workout. Hope this helps.



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