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Alright everyone, I hope you are here because you want to improve your body. Improvements to your body need to start in one place, YOUR BRAIN,

You can want a better looking body all you want, but if you don’t have the right mindset, YOU WILL GET NOWHERE.

Myself and many others researchers have found that mindset is EVERYTHING. Being that I was in sports my whole life, football, wrestling, track and field, and karate, I have been preached to that If you believe it you can achieve it.

One of my favorite quotes from one of my football coaches that he repeated over and over was “If you don’t mind, It don’t it matter.” If you don’t care what your body is being put through then it doesn’t matter how it feels, get through it and KEEP GOING.

Alright so hopefully I am making a point to you that you need to have the mindset of “I WILL ACHEIVE MY GOAL” whether  it be lose 10 pounds, improve a lift by so much pounds, or GET RIPPED, they all need the same mindset, finish what you start.

Once you have the mindset of “I WILL FINISH WHAT I START” you need to well you know… START.

I believe starting something new is one of the hardest things you can do in life. You need to learn new things, start new routines, meet new people, and put yourself through situations you are not used to. You should know your goal by now I would hope, but how do you get started?

Keep pushing until you pass the finish line!

You need to adjust your starting point to what you can do now,what ever you want to achieve you need to start by doing something that is like the end goal but in smaller versions. Another thing to help get to your end goal is always push a little further then you think you can, because like I said above your brain will do what ever you tell it to do, if your body can not do it right now then push it till it can’t go any more.

You’re body is operated by your brain not the other way around, if you remember one thing from this site please remember that. I will say it again. YOU’RE BODY IS OPERATED BY YOUR BRAIN.

Your body is built to adapt, so guess what, IT WILL. Give yourself some encouragement  and remember you can Achieve whatever you want as long as you START, Push yourself, and don’t let your body do the thinking.

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  1. This is a really good way of goal setting and trying to achieve them as well, however, I would really appreciate if you could write a post more on how to stay determined and motivated to achieve your goals.
    I really lose my motivation even though once I start my journey to achieving my goal with all enthusiasm.

    • Hey Shrey, Thanks for the comment. I want everyone to feel free comment. I will get to work on a post to stay motivated. Thank you for the request.

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