How To Stay Motivated – Do Not Stop Moving Forward!

Hi guys, I got a request for a post about how to keep yourself motivated.

Never Give Up Your Goal!

Alright, we all know getting started isn’t really the hardest thing in the world but I do give anyone who can at least get started some credit, because sitting on the coach eating potato chips and watching TV is so much easier then getting on a diet, taking daily supplements, and doing a NEW daily routine.

Okay, Staying motivated is really as simple as HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO MEET YOUR GOAL. For someone who is faced with a life or death situation, I find it could be a little easier for them to get up ever day and work at their goal. But for the lazy person that just wants to get healthier, look better, or GET RIPPED, then they need something a little different to stay motivated.

Ways To Stay Motivated

If you really want to get your motivation level up and meet your goal, Put your end goal, A picture, a quote, or something relevant to your end goal, somewhere where you will be able to look at it everyday and say “I WILL BE THERE!”

Get yourself into a routine where you make yourself add the “new” into your everyday life. If you can add the ‘new” into your daily routine then it will feel weird after a while to not do it. If you need go to the gym, replace something in your everyday routine that doesn’t need to be done.

If you can make it so that your daily routine is normal and incorporate the ways to hit your end goal then it will be much easier to stay motivated.

When You Hit Your Goal

Alright, Lets say you finally got to the end. You’ve lost that excess belly fat, gained 10 pounds of muscle, look good, or just Feel Great about yourself. Now what? Maintaining a goal is sometimes harder than achieving your goal. What I find keeps me going is, FIND A NEW GOAL. Now that you’ve gained muscle, shape it, make it look like that of a God, or whatever you want to look like, you can achieve anything you set your mind to, just set a goal, incorporate it into your everyday routine, and once you hit your goal, STRIVE FOR MORE!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to check out my tabs above and my recommendations for supplements and also go ahead and leave a comment or question. 🙂

Kenny Huffman


  1. WOW! I’m so amazed that I came across this post today of all days! I really needed this to help remind me to stay motivated to work my online business! I am getting to the point where the initial excitement has burned out and it is getting a lot more difficult to stay motivated.
    What would you recommend for someone to stay motivated when you live in a house full of people asking you to do things: to stay on a routine!
    “Emma, please hang out the washing?”
    “Emma will you watch a movie with me?”
    “Hey would you like to do walking the dogs with me Emma?”
    It can be difficult to stay on track! Before you know it the routine is broken and it is very difficult to get back into 🙁

    • In your case. Make time in your daily routine for the unknown tasks that are going to be asked of you. If you have time already set aside then its easy to incorporate them into your day. Hope that helps

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