Athletic Greens Review – The once a day full supplement

Product: Athletic Greens – Premium Superfood Cocktail

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Type of Product: All in One Health Supplement

Guarantee: 60 Days Full Money Back

Overall Rating: 85 out of 100

What Is Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a once a day full supplement. Athletic Greens can replace any of your daily taken supplements or be added to any diet. This is can help users gain muscle and or lose weight.

Taking only 10 years, Athletic Greens has been formulated to be the perfect daily supplement.



So since I started working out and using supplements, I was taught you need one of everything (pre, post, daily, fat burner). With this product you don’t need to go buy all the supplements but, Hey go ahead, That’s how I got to be the way I am and I have zero complaints. Athletic Greens has benefits in Energy, Health, Body, Immunity, and of course Happiness because what healthy energetic person, with a great body do you know that isn’t happy?

Does it taste good you ask? YES they have spent 10 years figuring out the right taste that makes you excited to make and drink it.

What if you don’t like it? They give you 60 days to try it and get full refund if you decide “I don’t like this product, I want to take my supplements my way”


You get a sweet book that shows you how to

ebooksectionuse the product and lose fat in just 30 DAYS!

Athletic Greens is also Allergen Free of all the most common allergens.

What It Replaces

Supplements that can be replaced with Athletic Greens:

  • Preworkout (C4)
  • PostWorkout (Creatine)
  • Everyday (Protein and Vitamins)
  • Fat Burners

All those costing  around $100 month. Now Don’t get me wrong I love all those products but the one difference between those supplements and Athletic Greens is that I take it one time a day not continually throughout the day. I’m not telling you to just throw out all your supplements because… THEY STILL WORK. I am just trying to present the easiness of how All those products can be put into one easy drink a day. The price is almost the same, at $97 for  30 servings, that’s a month supply, I DO NOT THINK YOU CAN GO WRONG.

Overall, I love Athletic Greens. It has really changed my attitude toward supplements. One supplement replaces All the others! It is amazing.

Others That Recommend Athletic Greens

“I get asked all the time, If you could only use one supplement, what would it be? My answer is, inevitably, Athletic Greens. It is my All-In-One Nutritional Insurance.

Iferris-and-book recommended it in the #NY Times ͞The 4-Hour Body, and did not get paid to do so.

I take it in the mornings to ensure optimal performance. And I travel with it to avoid getting sick. It just covers all my bases, if I can’t get what I need through whole food meals throughout the rest of the day.

It’s tasty, but more importantly it will help you not screw up when you’re doing your nutritional planning. For me, it…. covers my bases, takes a load off my mind, and puts a lot in my body.”

–Timothy Ferriss, 3x New York Times Bestselling Author

Who Is Athletic Greens For

Athletic Greens has been created to help everyone from Weight Lifters to busy moms that need more energy. I suggest anyone that has taken supplements for a certain reason like lack of energy, getting a better workout, or even for better mood, to try Athletic Greens.

“I recommend Athletic Greens® for every single client I work with. It doesn’t matter what their goal is, they need Athletic Greens® everyone does. It’s like a one-stop-shop for everything your body requires without yroman-fitnessou realizing it.

AG is not just some ‘greens cocktail’ that replaces your vitamins. It’s not “just” some superfood that helps with nutrition. Athletic Greens® is all of those things and more, because it does what so many of us fail to do: it covers all the bases.

That’s why I love it. No matter how good the nutrition program we’re following is, ALL of us need a little extra help. Athletic Greens® fills all of the nutrition “gaps” that invariably occur when dieting–but it also helps support immunity and improves gut health. These things are great on their own, but they ALSO play heavily into fat loss…. Athletic Greens® helps you make progress faster.”

–John Romaniello, NY Times Bestselling Author, Celebrity Trainer, Founder, Roman Fitness Systems

Final Thoughts

I love the fact of being able to take supplements and use them to get stronger, my thought on Athletic Greens is that this once a day full supplement can take the place of so many other supplements.

The price of Athletic Greens sounds pretty pricey at $97 but if you add up the cost of all your other individual supplements, the price comes out to be pretty fair.

At A Final Glance … Athletic Greens

Product: Athletic Greens – Premium Superfood Cocktail
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Type of Product: All in One Health Supplement
Guarantee: 60 Days Full Money Back
My Rating: 85 out of 100

Verdict: Great product and worth a shot

Thanks for the Read. I hope I have given you good information about ATHLETIC GREENS.

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As always feel free to leave any question or comment you have.







Kenny Huffman


  1. I can relate to this article pretty well, taking one supplement which does everything will always beat taking a bunch of supplements all day long.

    The prices are pretty much the same, so you are not spending more money going this route.

    Is it necessary to be taking all those other supplements, since your experienced in this I am curious can this product do you any harm if your gluten and dairy free due to health problems?

    • Thanks for the comment and question. What is necessary is always up to YOU. I took the individual supplements for year and they worked for me great but this is all in one and as you said it does beat having to take all the others. Athletic Greens has been worked on for 10 years to make it as healthy as possible for everyone including those with gluten and dairy health problems.


  2. My sister has trouble getting her daughter to eat her veggies. She eats a lot of meat, carbs, and candy. I worry about her not getting enough nutrition. Do you think this stuff word work as an easy way to make sure she gets all the vitamins and nutrients she needs? Is the flavor child friendly or does it just taste like drinking vegetables?

    • Hey Chris, Thank for the question. I would definitely recommend this for your niece. It will give her all the necessary vitamins and nutrients she needs. It might even give her the energy to be more active, if she is not already. It also has a great taste! She can take it every morning and it would be great for her.


  3. Hi Kenny!

    Wow! and huge thanks for sharing this with us! really appreciated.

    This product or supplementation seems to be so complete it is unbelievable. After clicking the link I could see from the product nutritional information that it is indeed highly nutritional, and above all affordable. After totalling up what I spend on individual supplements this one is a no brainer!

    • Hey Derek! Thanks for the comment. Athletic Greens is Definitely a great supplement that covers basically everything! It is definetly affordable if you compare it to all the supplements it can replace.


  4. Great information and simple to the point, love sites like that. It seem that the product is a good choice and a quality product too. the site is perfect, your info attractive, the post I left is real, I did like all about your site and my research is on the way. Thanks bro…

    • Hey Egwin! Thanks for the comment. Really appreciate how much you liked my page! I try to make everything I say as simple as possible.


  5. Great info, I may give a try, I need to do more research, but I will do my home work because sound like something that I can use. I’m pro green and the product that mentioned before a lot of friend have told me about, but if Athletic Greens is a better choice I will try it.

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