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When you decide to join the wonderful world of supplements for any reason, build muscle, get stronger, lose weight, or if you just want to create a better version of your self, you need to know what supplements will give you results.

When I recommend workout supplement products, I am using my own experience with the product and just because a supplement is on the cheaper side does not mean it does not work. I want to try to help you save money and still be able to see the results you want.

I have used many workout supplements in my 5 years of using and trying new supplements, I want to have a wide variety I can share with you that will help you achieve the goals you set.

Supplements To Get Stronger

What you should really consider before buying or using any supplements is, what is your goal? I have another post about setting and achieving goals.

When setting goals you really want to shoot for an achievable goal, this goal does not need to be reached as soon as possible, you can set 1 month, 2 month, 6 month, or even a year goal for yourself, set smaller goals in between to help you get to your final goal.

Once you have a goal in mind you want to think about what type of workout supplements you want to use. There are pre workout supplements, post workout supplements, diet supplements and many more.

I am going to focus on a few.

Pre Workout Supplements

I have used many pre workout supplements that range from $15 to $50 and I found my favorite one lays in between. My favorite pre workout supplement is C4 made by Cellucor. I have found myself returning to this supplement a lot and it only costs about $25. Pre workout supplements give you a boost to your workout, they give you increased energy and increased blood flow to your muscles so they can receive more oxygen. The more oxygen in your muscles the better they can preform.

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This is by far my favorite pre workout supplement. I have used it many times in many different situations. The first time I used it I was in high school and just couldn’t figure out why every one of the older guys were able to get so much stronger than me so much faster. They seemed so pumped to get to the weight room to lift weights, I mean I was too but not like them.

I eventually wondered over to their end of the locker room and asked them what their secret was. They told me they were taking a pre workout supplement before they would head to the weight room. This I had to look into.

When I finally found the supplement online that they were taking, it was $55! I could not afford that with my super low income I received from my parents, so I did a little more research and found a much cheaper supplement that still did the same thing. I discovered C4.

Once I finally ordered my very own pre workout supplement I was super excited to test it out. I went all day waiting for weight training to try it out. Finally, I made it and I was in the locker room and I mixed it up and drank it. I loved the taste and I even had a little fear about what I had just put in my body but if it could work for the other guys I hoped it would work for me.

When it finally kicked in about 10 minutes later, I got this itching/burning feeling in my face and skin. I was a little apprehensive about this but I found that the harder I worked out the less I felt it. After that experience I fell in love with C4 and look forward to that sensation every time and use it as a base line for my workouts, if I can feel the tingle then I am not going hard enough.

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Post Workout Supplements

When someone is looking for a post workout supplement they are most likely looking for something to help them recover faster. While most post workout supplements help reduce recovery time so you can get back into the gym, most also help with increasing muscle strength. Once your muscles are broken down, they need to be built back up. This is the purpose of a post workout supplement.

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I have talked about my favorite pre workout supplement now I am going to tell you about my favorite post workout supplement.

When I first heard about post workout supplements I was still young and ignorant, I was unsure what they would do.

My very first post workout supplement was Six Star Creatine, it was only $15, I learned that it would help your muscles recover much quicker so you could get back to the weight room much faster. Creatine is in my eyes the best supplement you can put into your body. It is a naturally produced substance created by your body to help in muscle building and repairing. In every supplement I buy, I make sure it has some creatine in it, especially my post workout supplements.

Now that I have some pretty good knowledge on how post workout supplements work, I like to branch out and find what ones work the best. I said above that my very first post workout supplement was Six Star Creatine, it worked amazing but I had to know if there was anything better. I then tried another creatine supplement that worked just about the same as Six Star Creatine, it was Body Fortress Creatine, I started to wonder if all post workout supplements worked the same, so I tried another, Power Build By Jacked Factory.

Once I ordered and received my new supplement I was ready to try it out. I was using C4 for my pre workout because I love how it works for me. I got a very good, hard, full body workout in because I like to test new supplements with the same variables. I wanted to know whether or not it would give me the same, better, or even worse results then one of the other just creatine supplements.

I mixed up Power Build in my shaker bottle and it drank it down. It tasted very good to my surprise, the creatine supplements tasted good but not like Power Build. I went home to rest and once I relaxed I was able to see if I felt anything happening, not really. I went to bed that night expecting to wake up to a sore body, the creatine products made it so I was able to get right out of bed with slight soreness, my body felt great. I was able to walk just fine and do my regular daily routine. My number one thing about post workout products is, even if your body feels great the next day make sure you still stretch out your muscles, don’t let them bind up on themselves. If you build up your muscles without proper stretching you are more susceptible to tears, I know from experience, I have a torn left pectoral muscle. I lifted everyday and forgot about proper stretching.

I really love how Power Build helps me recover faster and builds up my muscles.

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There are many different workout supplements in our world today. I recommend these ones because they helped me achieve great success, and I love them. I want you to be able to have a great experience without having to experiment yourself unless you want to.

I love to hear feedback, if you want you can leave a question, comment, or your own review about workout supplements that work for you below. I will respond as quickly as possible.


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  1. It seems to be hit or miss on supplements, at least for me. I have tried some and I just haven’t seen any difference. I am glad that you reviewed C4, as this is one that I haven’t used. I just might give it a try. I know some people swear by different supplements.

    I do high rep, low weight workouts as I have a history of back issues. Gone are the days of heavy lifting. Do you have an example of something that might be designed for someone like me? I am not necessarily trying to bulk up, but more trying to work out like a boxer.

    • Hey Steve thanks for the comment. I know exactly what you mean by some people swearing by certain supplements, I find myself returning to C4 very often, I usually try one then go back to C4 just to compare the two. High rep and low weight workouts can get very intense. These are the type of workouts where your muscles are using a whole lot of blood flow and oxygen, C4 would help you out very well, perhaps even better than just heavy lifting, depends on the person, but C4 would really help. I hope you get a chance to try it and come back to tell me how you liked it.

      Hope to hear back,


  2. Enjoyed this one and your recommendations were rather cool.

    I’ve tried C4 in the past and it was worth it – definitely gave me energy for those early 7 AM workouts. Would gladly try it again in the future.

    Never heard about Power Build though. In the past I had used BSN’s Amino X, which is basically a BCAA supplement. Could use some carbs for sure, creatine as well.

    • Hey Simon! Thanks for the comment! C4 is by far my favorite Preworkout supplement and I can see how you loved to use it for early 7 AM workouts, nice boost of energy and a great start to your day!

      BCAA’s are important in your post workout, but yes you do want to get some more carbs and creatine. The carbs are a great way to get some fast energy, recovering energy. While you recover, the creatine helps in that process by building muscle back up bigger and stronger than before!

      I like Power Build because it has all the key components for a great Post Workout!



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