What Is The Best Pre Workout Supplement – Is It Cheap?

There are so many great pre workout supplements that we can get our hands onto, but the real question is what is the best pre workout supplement?

With so many different brands of workout supplements out there it can be difficult to find what one works the best. The most important part when looking for the best pre workout supplement is knowing the difference between the best overall and the best for you.

You always want to chose a product that will work the best for you, and worry less how it works for everyone else. Most of the time if one product works for someone else, it will work for you. I have found workout supplements to be a funny area in this matter. Some workout supplements just don’t do to you what they do to others.

When Choosing a Pre Workout Supplement

Knowing how to choose a pre workout supplement that is right for you takes a little know how, I am going to tell you all the ingredients you need to consider with pre workout supplements.

There are four main ingredients in the best pre workout, they are:

  • Nitric Oxide
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • BCAA’s
  • Caffeine

Each one of these ingredients are very important, I make sure they are all in my favorite pre workout supplement, I will tell you what that in a minute, or scroll down to my favorite pre workout supplement.

Nitric Oxide – This is my favorite, must have ingredient in any pre workout supplement I take.

Nitric oxide is a chemical that really helps your body move more blood. When you take nitric oxide it makes your blood vessels open up much wider than normal and allows more blood to flow. When blood flows, it carries oxygen with it, the more oxygen your muscles receive, the harder they can work.

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Creatine Monohydrate – This is an amazing ingredient that really helps with muscle growth and recovery.

Creatine monohydrate helps your body create more ATP, a form of adrenaline, that allows your body to push itself further than it would be able to under normal circumstances. This allows your body to break down faster and to be built back up even stronger.

Creatine monohydrate also helps with recovery, allowing your body to rebuild quicker with less soreness, you can purchase pure creatine like Six Star Creatine for faster recovery.

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BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acid’s) – These are some super cool ingredients that really are a must have in any workout supplement. Not necessary but really helpful. 

BCAA’s help your body synthesize proteins, allowing protein to be used more efficiently when rebuilding your muscles. BCAA’s work great with a protein supplement.

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Caffeine – A great source of energy to help you through your workouts.

Everyone knows about caffeine, most people drink it everyday. For the same reason the average person buys a cup of coffee in the morning, you want caffeine in your pre workout. You want an extra boost of energy to get through your workout as hard as possible for the best results.

My Favorite Pre Workout Supplement

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So here is the big answer, my favorite pre workout supplement is C4 made by Cellucor. They have all the main ingredients I listed above.

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Why I Love C4

I told you all the main ingredients that you should include in your pre workout supplement but now you must find a pre workout supplement that combines those ingredients perfectly for you.

Not all pre workout supplements help everyone. I have a theory that anyone that ends up with complete opposite effects of a pre workout supplement have some sort of attention disorder. People with ADD or ADHD are often put to sleep by caffeine.

This being said, not all pre workout supplements work the same. Different pre workout supplements combine their main ingredients with different amounts and in different ways. You need to find the one you like the  best. I recommend C4.

The very first time I took C4, I was unsure what would happen to me, I was almost scared. I saw that workout supplements were working for others, so why don’t I try them myself.

So when I took it, I waited about 10 minutes before heading to the weight room. Once I was warming up, I felt this itching/burning sensation. I later found out this was because of the nitric oxide, opening up my blood vessels. I was kind of scared when I first felt this. I found out the harder I worked the less I felt the sensation. I learned to base my intensity of my workout on that sensation, if I could feel it, I wasn’t working hard enough.

So now you know C4 has nitric oxide, I also love using it because I feel much stronger due to the creatine monohydrate boosting my ATP levels. This is starting to sound like the best pre workout.

So I get a more intense workout in due to the nitric oxide and more strength from the creatine monohydrate. What does that leave? Caffeine and BCAA’s. There is definitely a good amount of caffeine in C4, once you take it, you feel a great burst of energy and it is amazing when you are working out. I even like the after effects of my workouts because I still have energy and I can use it on other tasks. I find mental tasks much easier after a workout because my body is tired and my brain can think better.

Beta alanine is a BCAA and it  is the final ingredient making C4 the best pre workout supplement. This is the ingredient that will help you body synthesize proteins and allow your body to build itself better.

So since C4 has nitric oxide, creatine monohydrate, BCAA’s and caffeine does that make it the best pre workout supplement?

To Me I Believe Yes!

Remember what I said above about not all pre workout supplements working the same on everyone. Some just do not work for people. I have had people tell me C4 does not work for them, but that does not stop it for working for me. I love C4 and would love for you to also.

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  1. I’m also a big fan of C4! I workout here and there sometimes I’ll workout hardcore for a couple months, then I’ll stop for another couple months, I’m not sure it’s just something I can’t help, but everytime I’m in workout mode I always buy C4 to jump start my workouts! Love this stuff

    • Hey Chris, glad to see another C4 fan! Working out is all up to you and how you want to look and feel. Sometimes its nice to get a good heavy few months of lifting, but sometimes an easier exercise will be better for the season.

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